Who we help

We support about 300 orphaned children in the villages of Mityana, Kangulumira & Lewero, each about 50 miles from Uganda's capital city of Kampala.  

Many children have lost both parents and depend on help from Friends of Ugandan Orphans for all life support basics, including food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education.  

These children have not given up on fulfilling their purpose in life, which extends far beyond their orphanage.  They aspire to find a job, aid their loved ones, and become independent members of society.

What we do

Through fundraising, visits, personal labor, garnering support from locals, and establishing self-supporting projects at each location, we supply basic living necessities, build and upkeep orphanage and school facilities, provide healthcare against AIDS, malaria, ringworm and other common diseases, and support education (in some cases beyond high school), improving orphans’ quality of life and facilitating their mission to live independently. 

A rainbow appears over Mityana, Uganda, after Trio School hits water with their new bore well given by WFOUO.


In August 2022, Friends of Ugandan Orphans began the fundraising projects to build a new clinic, an organized medical service offering diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive outpatient services. Your generosity will  help provide these children with a healthy & brighten future.

Savvas Mr K and adults.jpeg

Founder Eutychios Kalogerakis (left) and president Savvas Fotiadis (3rd from right) with Ugandan associates who help distribute funds and oversee projects

We seek and enlist American and Ugandan medical professionals, local Ugandan businesses, and American charitable organizations to provide indispensable aid.  

Who we are

Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Massachusetts in 2005.  


Founder Eutychios Kalogerakis first visited Uganda in 2002.  Moved by the poverty of the population, especially several orphanages’ dire need of even basic living necessities, and the self-sacrificing work of the orphanage directors, he envisioned mobilizing friends back home in the United States to bring relief to those he saw suffering in Uganda.  Led by Mr. Kalogerakis, in 2005 a group of volunteers organized Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans.  


President Savvas Fotiadis (right) with the Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans board

Our members contribute their time on a purely volunteer basis, so all donations go directly to helping the orphans.  


Since 2005, founder, Kalogerakis, has led over 40 trips to Uganda, bringing donations, planning large-scale orphanage improvements, developing self-sustaining projects, and spreading awareness within Uganda.  Through these visits, we have developed a reliable network of local citizens and businesses who distribute funds, purchase living necessities, and oversee projects.  Several of these citizens started their lives in poverty and were helped by Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans. 


The results have spanned from the individual to town level.  We have encouraged and funded orphans through high school education and beyond, guided them to find a job, and empowered them to rent an apartment and take care of their loved ones.  In towns around the capital of Kampala, we have removed stigmas associated with AIDS victims, helping local businesses lay aside wariness and see the opportunity to help those in need.  Finally, we have radically transformed the living environments of over 300 orphans in a 100-mile radius of Kampala, Uganda, making into reality children’s aspirations to become purposeful members of society.