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Time, ideas, supplies, money:

every little bit helps orphans in need.


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Solicit, organize & pack supplies for delivery to Uganda.

Advertise and post flyers for fundraising events.

Help plan & troubleshoot self-sustaining projects in Uganda.

Travel with us to Uganda regardless of exerptise!

Volunteer medical or teaching expertise (travel with us to Uganda, or help plan in the US).



Educational materials:

Writing implements, notebooks, english books, computers, calculators, ipads, and more... 

Living basics: 

Clothing, shoes, hygiene products, children's toys, sports equipment, cooking/eating implements, and more ... 


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Donate for a specific project, or to where the need is greatest.  Every contribution is greatly appreciated!  

Make checks to: 

Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans

Mail checks to: 

PO Box 320223 

West Roxbury, Ma, 02132

Mail supplies to: 

PO Box 320223 
West Roxbury,  Ma, 02132


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