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New Trio School building!


Help us now build a new clinic to treat the kids in need!  

Who we help

Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans supports children in the cities of Mityana, Kangulumira, Lewero, and (previously) Golomolo, each about 40 miles from Uganda's capital, Kampala. 


Located 40 miles East of Kampala, the Mityana orphanage is home to about 100 children, each of whom has lost one or both parents and relies entirely on the orphanage for all living necessities.  The sincerity and self-sacrifice of the orphanage director originally drew us to this orphanage in 2005.  With very limited resources, the director took in children with extreme need and often gave up his own income to support the children.  Thankfully, for almost 17 years, we have been able to visit and send aid to the Mityana orphanage, helping provide everything from a healthy diet to, most recently, a new school (click here to read more about what we do).  

Neighboring the orphanage is Trio Primary School, the main source of education for the children.  This school, pictured at left, is now renewed, thanks to your generosity.  


Enter our current and biggest project to-date: constructing a new clinic!  This project will cost $40,000 and result in a clinic to help treat the orphans and all the people in need. Please help us complete this mission!  To learn more, visit our blog and read about what we do.  Click here to donate

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clothing distribution-1.JPG
clothing distribution-1.JPG

Clothing & shoes distribution (Kangulumira)


In Kangulumira, a town 40 miles northwest of Kampala, we support a more scattered group of orphans, most of whom congregate at a local Church and nearby school.  We provide living necessities to all, including clothing and a healthy diet, and various other means of support to improve the life of each child.  For example, one group of boys has a special interest in soccer, and through the generosity of donors in the United States we were able to provide them this year with jerseys, soccer balls, cleats, shin guards and athletic socks (see image at right). 


As in Mityana, the children in Kangulumira are inspiring for their proactiveness, optimism, and persistence.  They genuinely seek every opportunity to improve their situation, including attending school and, later, finding a job.  We are able to pay the school fees for five children, who currently range in age from 5 to 15.  We have been helping a couple of the oldest orphans now for almost ten years.  Having funded their education, we subsequently helped them find means to make a living, including through farming, teaching, or in one case, opening a hair salon.  


We have also developed a mutually-supportive relationship with the director of the local school, who supports our work and has helped us establish good relationships with local merchants.  

Kangulumira soccer1_edited.jpg

Kangulumira boys with new soccer equipment

(most recent delivery October 2019)

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