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Few Updates

During the month of October, Savvas, the president visited Uganda. During his stay, he checked several potential locations for the medical clinic that the group is planning to build in memory of Mr Eutychios Kalogerakis. No decision has been made yet about the location but there are two potential locations: one would be under the supervision of the Rotatory Club at the municipal school in Mityana, and the other location would be under the supervision of a women named Fay from Angels of Mercy who is looking to open a fifth clinic in Uganda. She has 20 years of experience.

We will keep you posted on which one we think would be the best location for the clinic.

Savvas visited multiple orphanages and schools. These are few pictures.

The new school that was recently built

The classrooms in the new school

The boys dormitory despite painting it 6 years ago

One of the clinics that Savvas visited, very simple

As for the Next Fundraising Event, the group is working on a safari trip to Uganda. The group will consist of 20-30 people. It will be a total of 5-6 days where you get to visit the orphanages and the school and meet the kids. Then you will enjoy the safari that includes sightseeing, waterfalls, wild animals especially gorillas and wild bird, etc.... The trip will cost around $ 4000 per person.

We hope you can join us for this exciting adventure!

If you like to donate, please click on the button below

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