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A Letter from our President


39 Franklin Street

West Boylston, Ma. 01583 E IN # 82-0649417 Website:

To whomever it may concern:

WFOUO (Worlwide Friends Of Ugandan Orphans) is a non profit organization that provides educational, physical and emotional support which enables Ugandan orphans to achieve healthy and productive lives. While we’ve made great strides in our efforts to accomplish our goals the need is still HUGE.

We need your help to continue pursuing our mission. That’s why we’d like you to consider donating to our Golf Tournament. All proceeds will be used to build a clinic for all those less fortunate.

The golf tournament on Friday, June 2nd will be at Green Hill Municipal Golf Course in Worcester Mass. Please consider donating to this effort by helping us raise the necessary funds to build a clinic.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information. I can be reached at (508) 873-9836 or by email

You can visit our website at

We greatly appreciate any support and thank you in advance.


Savvas Fotiadis

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