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WFOUO visits Uganda & starts school construction

At the end of last month, October 2019, Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans began construction on a new school for Trio School & Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda. Trio Orphanage cares for over 100 orphaned children, all of whom depend on the associated school for their primary education.

Construction begins on a new school for Trio School & Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda

Previous school building used by orphans of Trio Orphanage

Until now, the children have studied in an artifice “walled” by torn tarps (shown at right)—hardly conducive to concentrated learning. The new building will bring a different world of education to these hard-working children. Two stories, six classrooms, first floor veranda and second floor balcony, brick walls and plenty of windows; the need for improvement that previously existed and the extent to which this building will change the lives of the Mityana orphans cannot be overstated.

External view of planned new school (computer generated image)

Construction of the new school will take place in three phases. The first just began and will be completed by the end of 2019—less than two months from now.

Fundraising for this project is ongoing. The primary source of financial support will come from our charity concert which takes place this Saturday, November 16, at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, MA and features world-renowned guitarist Pavlo Simtikidis. Please come!—invite your friends; enjoy the evening. Pavlo’s music is a lively blend of “Greek, flamenco, Latin, and Balkan styles, wrapped in contemporary pop” ( All will have fun and, at the same time, contribute vital financial support to the completion of the Trio orphans’ new school. Buy tickets at

We are also collecting donations through our website ( and a go-fund-me page (

Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering orphans across Uganda. We currently focus our efforts on orphans within a 50 mile radius of Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. To learn more, visit

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Feb 15

WAWOOO we thanks God for this great work 🙏


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