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2 stories down, 1 roof to go: "it's a miracle"

Even a soccer ball can be a miracle. But a 2-story school? That's a different world.

Over 100 orphans live, grow and learn in Trio Orphanage, tucked away in the small town of Mityana, Uganda. Until last October, the only thing separating the children from the elements during school was a bunch of tattered blue tarps hung on a dilapidated wooden structure. But that was last year.

In October 2019, Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans began construction on a radically better school - 6 classrooms, 2 stories, 1st floor veranda, 2nd floor balcony, real windows, real brick walls, real metal roof. That school has risen from the sawdust of the previous "building" at breakneck pace. The first floor was finished in December. Now story 2 shines new and finished, and only the roof remains. In the words of the local construction manager, "we are due and ready to do the roofing." Can't get clearer than that.

There is no doubt that this school is transforming the lives of the 100+ orphans of Trio Orphanage, all of whom rely exclusively on the school for their primary education. But the benefits of this project spread beyond the orphans. The local Ugandan construction crew has become invested: "we are so far very excited by this progress," says the manager.

"For a place that has been known for dilapidated structures... it's a miracle"

Rising above the mild Mityana hills, the school's influence goes beyond even the workers and orphans. For a small Ugandan town, a brand new 2-story school is more than a novelty, it's a new precedent. "For a place that has been known for dilapidated structures... it's a miracle" says construction manager. The school smiles down on the orphans, imagining with them the learning and growth that will take place within its walls, but it also bestows a gift on the dedicated workers. As the direct cause of this "miracle," they are now being referred to as "development agents in the Municipality," a term elevating them above your average school builders.

For now, the orphans watch with heart-warming excitement as the school continues to rise. They play soccer in its shadow, treasuring the miracle of simple, innocent fun. We watch with childlike excitement too - physically from afar, but connected daily with progress reports, and looking forward to our next visit in April.

The best part? The school has room for all who wish to join in bringing this simple miracle, life-changing development, heartwarming project to a successful conclusion. Any and all help will be gratefully accepted! Joining the project is one click away.

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