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"l am Rebecca, age 14 years and l am in "senior two" at pride secondary school in Mityana.  l have written this letter to thank you for having supported our school by providing food for us, and buying books and bedsheets.  I am so thankful for your wonderful work, although l am not in primary [school] anymore...  l also heard that you are planning to build a new [primary] school for us, and I pray that you can get enough funds to fulfill your plan...  Thank you so much for your wonderful work, and l would like you to know that I started my own nursery at this school.  Thank you so much." (July, 2019)


Orphan from Trio School, Mityana, Uganda

"My life was changed for the better by the support received from 'Friends' via Mr. Eutychios Kalogerakis.  When I was a very young child, my father died and my sick mother left me and my two brothers in the care of my grandmother...  Now I am able to rent a small place and provide a home for my two younger brothers plus help my poor grandmother."


Orphan from Golomolo, Uganda

"When I was very young, my parents had already a lot of children and due to poverty and illness were unable to take care of us...  All these years at Trio... the Friends of Orphans group [has] helped us so much to have enough food for the children at Trio to receive two meals daily."


Orphan from Trio School, Mityana, Uganda

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