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New School for Mityana Orphans

At the end of October 2019, Worldwide Friends of Ugandan Orphans began construction on a new school for Trio School & Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda. Trio Orphanage cares for over 100 orphaned children, all of whom depend on the associated school for their primary education. Until now, the children have studied in an artifice “walled” by torn tarps (shown below)—hardly conducive to concentrated learning.

The new school will revolutionize the children's learning environment.  The plans, shown at right, feature 6 classrooms, 1st floor veranda, 2nd floor balcony, brick walls and plenty of windows. School construction has taken place in 3 stages and is nearly complete.  The next stage, to be completed once the COVID pandemic allows construction to continue, will include finalizing the building interior and furnishing classrooms.  Note that classrooms are outfitted with electrical outlets; We envision the new Mityana Trio School to pioneer technologically up-to-date learning in Uganda, including significant use of laptops, iPads, and online learning programs.  

visual views.png
Mityana school pic.png

Finally, the new school is done and the kids are enjoying the new classrooms.


Thanks to your generosity, you can see the big difference that you made in the life of the orphans and the kids in need!

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